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Glen Beever     glen@frogproductions.co.za
Show Producer and the Managing Director of Frog Productions

In Frog Productions Managing Director and Show Producer, Glen Beever, clients most appreciate his uncanny, almost intuitive, understanding of how audiences will react to all forms of entertainment giving them confidence that their event is tailored to their specific needs and expected outcomes. A Frog Productions event gives clients the results they want and leaves audiences spellbound.

Glen has applied his several degrees in sports psychology to his over seven years in entertainment production believing that his brand of high-energy entertainment is more akin to training a world-beating athlete that many would imagine.  From initially managing a pool of dancers, in response to numerous requests from clients, Glen formed Frog Productions as a fully-fledged events and production company. The success of Frog Productions stems from Glen’s ability to look at every event as an outsider as if he is part of the audience and to judge whether it is right for the occasion and then deliver the event or entertainment that works... read more

Ashleigh Scott     ash@frogproductions.co.za
Creative Director, Choreographer and Partner

Ashleigh Scott is the heartbeat of the creativity which sets Frog Productions apart from its competition. Trained in South Africa and the United States in dance and movement together with choreography, Ashleigh has rapidly developed a reputation for her understanding of clients’ needs and delivering world-class productions to meet those needs.

She has an innate, almost instinctive, understanding of the feel and look that a show should have to suit any occasion or event. Whether it is a major corporate launch, an awards evening, a production for television, a fashion show, a TV commercial, a speciality act or a commercial show, there is an unmistakeable Ashleigh Scott touch to the finished product which leaves audiences in awe and clients delighted.

She is equally at home on stage choreographing a dance routine or conceptualising and producing a high-tech extravaganza using Frog’s own high-tech equipment or using outside sourced entertainment suppliers. Her extensive network of contacts in the entertainment world enables her to find just the right act for every event... read more

Nikita Smit     nikita@frogproductions.co.za
Event/Show Assistant

Nikita has been living her passion for 13 amazing years, 8 of which professionally in the industry doing numerous corporate, casino and small shows. Her passion is dance and entertainment and therefore did not take long until she become a part of one of the most innovative production company in South Africa.

Nikita handles most costume functions, bookings, performing and event planning. Entertainment is a never ending learning process and there is rarely a dull moment which keeps her motivated and keeps her pushing to always be incredible.

Beaura Jacobs     beaura@frogproductions.co.za
Wardrobe and Costume Manager

The latest addition to the Frog Productions team is wardrobe and costume expert, Beaura Jacobs Her eye for detail gives visual expression to all Frog’s productions whether a period piece, a futuristic extravaganza, a contemporary look or a geographical location. Wardrobe is the final element which completes a production and ensures a faithful representation of the event theme.
A graduate of entertainment technology majoring in props and costumes, Beaura loves every aspect of stage and show behind the scenes management and her enthusiasm ensures that every aspect of her costumes is meticulously researched and compliments the event.
Her expertise extends from visualising and drawing the look of the costumes she envisages for every show to designing and manufacturing the finished product or sourcing it from leading costume rental agencies.
Her aim is always to ensure that the look of the entertainers or presenters costumes and wardrobe are a true representation of the event, thus playing a major role in its ultimate success.
In keeping with Frog Productions’ credo of producing shows which leave audiences awed and inspired, many of Beaura’s costumes push traditional boundaries as she seeks to enthral audiences with her creations. She is not afraid to experiment to achieve the ultimate WOW! factor for clients.
Clients love her instinctive understanding of how costumes and wardrobe are essential ingredients in creating the magic that makes their events something the audience will remember forever and ensures that the objectives of the event are achieved.
She is committed to Frog’s long term aim of expanding the company’s footprint to cover all five continents in pursuit of world-class events for its rapidly increasing client base.

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